EnterPrise Solutions

Businesses and IT departments around the world rely on Layered Tech for their enterprise computing needs, including hosting, colocation and cloud computing.

With Layered Tech managing your hosted infrastructure, you’re in complete control of your systems, applications and data—but you’re no longer burdened with the expense and responsibility of upkeep.

Our secure, Top-tier data centers provide your business with full failover, availability, continuity, redundant subsystems and regulatory compliance that are essential for enterprise applications.

Our experienced Enterprise Migration team develops and implements a smooth migration path for your data and systems, and our five levels of DEFCON Support enable you to select the levels of monitoring, security and support that are just right for your business.

From hardware and network choices to the level of support you select, we make sure that your enterprise has everything you need to stay competitive. And with Layered Tech managing your infrastructure, you’re free to concentrate on managing your core business.